STRAIL BULGARIA AND RELASTEC – Bulgarian representative of German quality

Founded in Sofia “STRAIL BULGARIA AND RELASTEC” OOD establishes as a leader in the market of delivery and assembly of railway level crossing pavements, sports and children playgrounds, parks and other rubber products. The company is certified according to Quality Management System (ISO 9001), Environmental Management System (ISO 14001), Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSAS 18001) and Information Security Management System (ISO 27001).

The main activity is in the field of railway infrastructure. The company has concluded second (the first is for the period 2008-2011) four year package deal with National Railway Infrastructure Company for realization of all projects for modernization of the railway level crossings in the country during the period 2011-2014. Our products are with guaranteed quality, reliability, safety, ecology, long-lived and easy support. They correspond to all standards and satisfy the technical requirements and demands of the customers. During the last five years the company occupies leading positions in the market of delivery and assembly of railway level crossing pavements, noise absorbing systems for tram and metropolitan routes. Our customers are state organizations, construction companies and municipalities.

For more than 17 years, the company is the exclusive representative for Bulgaria of STRAIL Germany, which is a member of the Group “Kraiburg”, Germany – recognized worldwide producer of quality rubber products. The “Kraiburg” Holding has 65 years history in the European market, showing that it is a reliable and loyal partner, giving flawless quality of its products. As using recycled tyre, the factories of “Kraiburg” produce new products and thus protect the environment and preserve the natural resources. The products are certified according to ISO 9001:2008 and are standard for quality, corresponding not only to the regulated requirements, but to all requirements of the customers in the sector. “STRAIL BULGARIA AND RELASTEC” OOD possessed representations of leading European producers of materials and machines for the railway infrastructure and railway carriers.

The represented companies from us are as follows:

- STRAIL и STRAILastic - factories from the KRAIBURG Group, the biggest European producers of rubber products, railway level crossings systems and noise absorbing systems for tramway and metro routes.

- KRAIBURG RELASTEC - factory from the KRAIBURG Group, supplying the international market with ready-to-install products from recycling rubber compounds based on modern technology for acoustic insolation (DAMTEC ®), impact protection (EUROFLEX ®), structural protection and transport protection (KRAITEC ®), as well as sports floor covering (Sportec ®).

- KRAIBURG Austria GmbH & Co.KG „Gummiwerg KRAIBURG”, Austria is a manufacturer of the KRAIBURG Group, European leader in the production of semi-finished and finished products for tyre retreading. The main are rubber protectors for tyre retreading, corresponding to the requirements for quality, protection of environment and preservation of natural resources.

PROGRESS Rail inspection & information systems GmbH - Germany – is a subsidiary of Caterpillar. Progress Rail provides broad range of facilities and services (Railway system “Checkpoint”). There is a resource for management of projects “turn-key”, experience in engineering, programming and software development. Whether your needs are focused on or under the rails, Progress Rail is up to the requirements of the customers and gives you value, quality and reliability. Railway systems “Check point”.

- SCHENCK PROCESS – leading European producer of static and dynamic weighing in railway and road. With possibility for centralized data monitoring of the freight flows. Provides reliable way for gathering infrastructural fees in National Railway Infrastructure Company and Road Infrastructure Agency.

- ZAGRO – exclusive producer of two-way repair and maintenance vehicles, based on Mercedes Benz – UNIMOC. As a specialist in the sector of two-way technology ZAGRO offers vehicles, which can be used on both road and rail. Significant advantages are low price for maintenance of the vehicle, quick and easy shunting from road to rail without restriction in their operation, and also long life of exploitation – vehicles, corresponding to huge range of varied applications.

- RIEDER - The noise absorbing systems of RIEDER are proved definitely on the territory of Austria and Germany. 20 years of experience in more than 1 million square meters noise absorbing walls of the road and railway is clearly and categorically. The company RIEDER is innovative market leader in the range of durable raw material – wood-fiber concrete. RIEDER constantly expand its product range with the help of external partners from the scientific sphere as well as the customers.

- FASETON - RIEDER noise absorbing wood-fiber concrete Wood-fiber concrete is a durable and proven construction material. Specially treated wooden sawdust received 100% of woodworking enterprises are mixed with material of specially developed technology and placed into moulds in our production. In combination with solid concrete is achieved excellent acoustic qualities.

Our mission

Offering new products with the highest quality the company is seeking to find new opportunities for our customers.