• Legal-for-trade dynamic weighing of rail vehicles
  • Dynamic system includes static refer-ence scale
  • Monitoring of wheel/axle loads and load distributions during transit
  • Installation without rail gaps and foundation

MULTIRAIL® is a dynamic weighing system designed for the weighing of rail vehicles with solid loads.
The precise MULTIRAIL® measuring technology permits the weights of train wagons of almost any type to be acquired accurately and legal-for-trade (in accordance with OIML R106-1). Statically, highly ac-curate check weighings can be per-formed bogiewise. For dynamic veri-fication, the weighing system is used as a static reference scale. In addition, the MULTIRAIL® system is optimally suited for the monitoring of wheel, axle and wagon weights as well as for centre of gravity positions of wagons.

Specially developed for MULTIRAIL®, the concrete weighing sleeper is equipped with high-precision strain-gauge weighbeams. Designed to transmit all forces and moments, these weighbeams meas-ure the vertical force component with a high degree of accuracy. The MULTIRAIL® weighing system can be integrated into the rail with or without a gap. Installed with continu-ous rails, MULTIRAIL® can operate legal-for-trade at weighing speeds up to 15 km/hr. When not weighing, MULTIRAIL can be passed over at the speed admitted for the relevant track section. Weight values and associated data are acquired and processed with the use of weighing electronics and cus-tomized PC systems.

MULTIRAIL® offers the following basic functions:

  • Acquisition and output of wagon weights (first, second, single, and tare weighing)
  • Monitoring of wagon weights
  • Legal-for-trade printout and stor-age of weigh data

Optionally, further functions are available:

  • Axle load monitoring
  • Wagon type identification
  • Fully automatic weighing sequence
  • Wagon centre of gravity monitoring
  • EDP / BDE system interfacing
  • Hand-held terminal for wagon data acquisition

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Technical Data

Rail profile, track width and tie spacing: As used in existing track section
Weighing system length: Typ. approx. 4 m measuring area *)
Typ. approx. 45 m weigh span *)
Weighing range: Typ. 100 – 150 t
Weighing mode: Dynamic
Weighing accuracy: Static:
As reference scale
Dynamic (legal-for-trade):
In accordance with Verification Act, Verification Ordinance and OIML R 106-1
Class 0.2 or 0.5
Weighing speed range: Up to 15 km/hr, higher speeds upon request
Transit speed: Unlimited (with continuous rails)
Operating temperature range: Scale mechanics: -40 to +70°C **)
Approvals: EBA, DB, ÖBB,
Approvals for brade use for DE, FR, IT, AT, CH, RU
Track base stabilization:

Ballast bonding technology *)

*) depending on individual application
**) The legal temperature range results from the respective national permissions.