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Setting New Standards

STRAILastic - at a glance >

  • Reduction of air-borne noise
  • Stray current insulating as per DIN EN 50122-2
  • Absorbing particulate matter
  • Protection and easy maintenance for rails and fastenings
  • Visual enhancement of the track
  • Can be used by emergency service vehicles


STRAILastic_DUO – two part green track system for highest demands


STRAILastic_DUO is a special development of the green track and constitutes the premium product in this segment.
Its ingeniously simple shape not only enables it to be set in the vignol rail without requiring adhesive and clamps, but also makes it self-supporting. It encloses the rail completely, including the rail base!
The system is rounded off with a protective cap for the rail fastening. STRAILastic_DUO thus protects rail and fastening from corrosion and stray current. STRAILastic_DUO is unrivalled in its ease of use; you will be surprised
how fast and simple installation and de-installation is!
STRAILastic_DUO comes in two partial variants > for tracks with exposed drive head and for crossings with sections leading up to driving surface tangents with shaped flange groove.

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