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Softly Badded Rails

Benefits at a Glance

  • Low-noise rail embedding in pavement
  • Parasitic current insulation delays corrosion
  • Removable for track maintenance
  • Variable load specification
  • Custom colour


Street to Rail Interface

STRAILastic_K multi-chamber filler profiles allow low-noise and low-maintenance embedding of tram or railway tracks in the pavement.

Main advantages of STRAILastic_K over other methods of laying green tracks are the reduction of noise emissions, improved accessibility of rails and mounting points for maintenance and corrosion resistance due to parasitic current insulation.

STRAILasitc_K can be adapted to different customer requirements by individual colour design and to different load profiles of streets and roads by individual material selection.

Due to high durability and permanent structural integrity, STRAILastic_K multi-chamber track fillers reduce mainrtenance requirements. Using recycleable materials, they are also environment-friendly.

As a matter of course, STRAILastic_K is available for different gauges and track geometries, for curves and sidings, for flange rails as well as grooved tramway rails.

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