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Softly Badded Rails

Benefits at a Glance

  • Elastic insulation from roadbed
  • Reduces vibrations and structure-borne noise
  • Structurally stable
  • Installation without special tools
  • Maintenance-friendly accessibility


The Structure-Borne Noise Killer

STRAILastic_S, the elestic rail suspension, decouples wheel/rail vibrations from the roadbed, thus substantially reducing vibrations and structure-borne noise.

The contact between rails and train wheels causes sound and vibrations which are carried via the roadbed to neighboring buildings, constituting a strain on their structure and degrading the quality of life of those who work there. Awareness of the effects of noise immissions is on the rise.

In order to reduce such vibrations and noise, STRAIL offers systems for the elastic decoupling of rails and the noise-carrying roadbed. These systems are composed of a variety of individual products which in their combination help to substantially reduce air and structure-borne noise :

  • STRAILastic_K multi-chamber filler profiles made of vulcanised recycled rubber
  • Rail base sheathing
  • Gauge tie bar sheathing
  • Materials for rail and gap grouting
  • Rail mounting material
  • Accessories such as covers

Due to high durability and permanent structural integrity, STRAILastic_S reil suspension elements reduce mainrtenance requirements. Using recycleable materials, they are also environment-friendly.

As a matter of course, STRAILastic_S is available for different gauges and track geometries, for curves and sidings, for flange rails as well as grooved tramway rails.

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