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  • Complete separation of the moving parts from the rigid road way
  • High degree of damping of structure-borne noise due to complete separation
  • Road way only contacts unmoved parts and not the moving track unit
  • Adhering flank of the cast joint are not subject to any shear forces, and this means that the joint remains tight for longer


STRAILastic_P – the premium hover rail system equipped to meet today`s toughest demands

Our new STRAILastic_P system integrates several innovations intelligently together. Firstly, there is the resistant vulcanised rubber, which KRAIBURG / STRAILastic manufactures itself, and secondly highly elastic PUR elastomer
which displays a high degree of insulation and flexibility.
Our acquired know-how and many years of experience in rail and railway construction has enabled our development department to synergise these components. The result is an insulation system that sets new standards;
therefore we have had it protected by patents and registered designs. We call it simply: The hover rail system!

Our STRAILastic_P has been designed for covered tramway superstructure construction with Ri59/60(N).
It beds the rails continuously in a railbase covering and thus provides a uniform and consistent high degree of spring deflection. This is the precondition for effective damping of structure-borne noise. The filler block elements arranged in the rail chambers run laterally to the track bed subbase; this means that the spring deflection effect does not also cause the rails to deflect, but that they stay in place. In order to prevent the rails from being affected by the deflection, a so-called “rail head cushion” is attached to the filler block elements.

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