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STRAILastic - at a glance >

  • Reduced air-borne noise
  • Reduced structure-borne noise & vibrations
  • stray current insulation as per DIN EN 50122-2
  • Advantages due to vulcanisation and utilisation of renewable raw materials, producing a wear-resistant surface and UV resistance.


STRAILastic - the gentle track.

The growing demands our society has for mobility have generated increasingly greater expectations of modern transport systems such as urban rail & tramway as well as railway systems.
Higher axle loads and the rise in private transport volume increase the transfer of vibrations and lead to high acoustic emissions. At the same time, however, people are becoming increasingly sensitive to these issues > inhabitants expect
a significant reduction in noise and vibrations.

Main advantages of STRAILastic systems are the reduction of noise emissions, improved accessibility of rails and mounting points for maintenance and in corrosion resistance due to parasitic current insulation.

Due to high durability and permanent structural integrity, STRAILastic systems stand for a maximum of safety for all traffic participants. Using recycleable materials, they are also environment-friendly.

As requirements to the elements vary greatly, their shape, design and raw material is optimised for the individual project, using modules from combineable basic systems, as:

STRAILastic_K, the multi-chamber filler, is a useful electrical, vibration and mechanical insulation of rails against the surrounding pavement.

STRAILastic_S, the elastic rail suspension system, insulated the wheel/rail vibrations from the roadbed and substantially reduces vibrations and structure-borne noise.

The special feature of our new, patent-pending system STRAILastic_P constitutes the highly effective separation from the rails. The rail filler elements remain unmoved while the rails are cushioned. The result is more comfort and hardly any impairment of the neighbouring top surface.

A further new development is STRAILastic_A.
The filler block element reduces the noise where it is generated, that is, directly on the rail.

As well as STRAILastic_R, the Green Track filler, allows the turf to be level with the rail head top, keeps rails and mounting points accessible for maintenance and can be driven on by road vehicles.

As a matter of course, all systems of the STRAILastic product line are available for different gauges and track geometries, for curves and sidings, for flange rails as well as grooved tramway rails.