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Gummiwerk KRAIBURG RELASTEC GmbH is a medium-sized company with production works in Salzwedel, a historic Hanseatic city in the Altmark region of Saxony-Anhalt/Germany.
We are a member of the KRAIBURG Holding, an organization rich in tradition with over 1800 employees worldwide and an annual sales volume of approx. EUR 400 million.

SPORTEC® rubber flooring products and elastic layers from KRAIBURG RELASTEC GmbH are proven products refined by continuous further development. A wide range of users - including system providers, specialist distributors, architects and builders of sports facilities - benefit from the advantages they provide. All SPORTEC® products are manufactured in proprietary environment-friendly processes utilizing upwards of 90% recycled rubber materials.

SPORTEC® rubber flooring products are ready-to-install materials used in flooring and safety surfacing applications. SPORTEC® floor coverings whether made from black recycled rubber crumbs blended with EPDM coloured crumbs (SPORTEC® color and SPORTEC® purcolor) or single-colour pure EPDM rubber (SPORTEC® UNI classic and UNI outdoor), are rugged, slip-resistant and resilient floor surfaces. They are used in a broad spectrum of applications including aerobics and exercise floors, highly durable floors of offices and commercial rooms as well as multipurpose surfaces used for sports and other activities. SPORTEC® floor coverings are supplied as roll-form materials.

SPORTEC® safety surfaces were developed as specific solutions to safety-related problems, e.g. absorption of ricochets in shooting ranges. Our safety surfaces are also used as protective flooring in weightlifting areas and fitness centres or as portable sports track surfacing. SPORTEC® safety surfaces are supplied as individual slabs.

SPORTEC® elastic layers indoor feature outstanding ball rebound properties and excellent impact shock absorption, making them ideal for point-elastic floors in sports and multipurpose facilities.

SPORTEC® elastic layers outdoor are highly resilient materials used under artificial turf for football, field hockey, etc. and under running track surfaces. SPORTEC® elastic layers provide the perfect foundation for safe and enjoyable sports activities.