Gummiwerk KRAIBURG GmbH is a medium-sized company with production works in Salzwedel, a historic Hanseatic city in the Altmark region of Saxony-Anhalt/Germany. 

We are member of the KRAIBURG Group, an organization rich in tradition with over 1700 employees worldwide and an annual sales volume of approax. € 300 million. We are an internationally recognized manufacturer of ready-to-install products for impact sound reduction (DAMTEC), impact protection (EUROFLEX), structural protection (KRAITEC) and sport floors (SPORTEC) and are acknowledged as a market leader in these sectors.
Refined continuously by further development, our field-proven products and expertise benefit a wide range of customers including system providers, floor covering distributors, building supply retailers, playground equippers, municipalities, playground equipment manufacturers, planning engineers and architects.

Our products are manufactured by proprietary enviroment-friendly processes utilizing up to 90% recycled raw materials.



• outstanding structure-born sound insulation (impact sound deadening / vibration absorption)
• increased  noise control / sound proofing  with a slight adding to overall floor height
• outstanding load-bearing performance provided by extreme compressive strength   
• easy and fast installation
• may be laid loose ( floating floor ) or can be glued down ( fixed floor )
• environment-friendly (made from recycled crumb rubber, can be recycled again)
• superior resistance to moisture absorption and rot degradation
• excellent thermal conductivity, ideal for use with underfloor heating or cooling systems
• can be used over a wide service temperature range
• no reduction of the acoustic and anti-vibration properties due to highest resiliency even after years of use
• eliminates hollow clicking sounds and reverberations (floor to ceiling noise) under hard floor coverings
• low compression set
• low dynamic stiffnesses and optimal natural frequencies / resonance frequencies
• good inside damping behaviour with optimal performance in the low frequency ranges („droning noise“ barrier)
• the reduction of structure-born noise protects the basic structure of machine foundations as well as of engineering works from buildings till bridge constructions
• the cushioning effect increases underfoot comfort in combination with carpeting and extends the durability of the textile floor finish