KRAITEC® step Versatile Protection
KRAITEC® step slabs are available in a variety of colours originating from the binding agent colour used in the manufacturing process. This colour assortment opens up a broad range of aesthetic design possibilities. But even when installed in single-colour surfaces, KRAITEC® step slabs provide visually appealing and stylish pavements for terraces and balconies. The slabs are installed directly over fl at compacted subsurfaces. Easy-to-use connector pins join the slabs together when installed. Drainage channels on the lower slab surface permit secure water drainage below the slabs whether they are glued in place or only interconnected. KRAITEC® step can be conveniently installed directly over VERSATILE PROTECTION Standard colours bitumenous liners. Installation on plastic liners is done using KRAITEC® step plus which includes a geotextile laminate on its lower surface. KRAITEC® step safe incorporates upper-surface safety texturing for applications requiring improved footing. KRAITEC® step safe plus, with both upper-surface safety texturing and a lowersurface geotextile laminate, rounds out the KRAITEC® step programme. Both safety-textured versions are approved for use in areas with increased slipping hazards (anti-slip rating R 10). Whether grey, black, green or red in colour, these rugged slabs can be used as support pads under solar power units or other heavy objects on roofs and are also used as walkway slabs on flat and green roofs.

Technical Data

Material: polyurethane-bonded recycled tire granulate

Colour: red, green, grey, black (minor colour variations possible)

Surface: grain-textured
Lower side: smooth with drainage channels
Geotextile mat: Polyester geotextile mat, 300 g/m²
Other data: plastic connector pins included, premounted, 4 per slab

Tolerances: Length and width ± 1.5 %,
Thickness ± 1mm
Dimensions: 500 x 500 x 30 mm
Additional thicknesses available on request.
Weight: approx. 20,8 kg/m², approx. 5,2 kg/slab

Technical Data:
Fire resistance: B2 (DIN 4102)
Cold fracture resistance: 24 h/- 40° C, no fracture
Cold crack resistance: 5 h/- 30° C, no cracks
Deformation under traffic load: 10 % at approx. 20 t/m²
20 % at approx. 40 t/m² (test method based on DIN EN ISO 3386-2)
Chemical resistance: conditionally resistant to acids and bases
Environmental resistance: Environment-friendly, rot-resistant


KRAITEC® step Walkway Slabs
Flat roofs are often subjected to foot traffic, e.g. for maintenance or other work procedures. Installed directly
over the waterproofing, KRAITEC® step and step plus walkways ideally protect the roof against physical damage.
The slabs are easy to install due to their integrated connector pins and can be walked on immediately after installation.

KRAITEC® step Support pads
These dense and sturdy slabs provide an ideal solution for support pads under heavy structures located on roofs such as solar power units, air conditioning units, satellite antenna dishes, etc.
KRAITEC® step Terracy pavements
Installation of KRAITEC® step is done by hand without need for tools, covering large areas quickly and easily. The connector pin system and installation in a masonry-style configuration ensure stable and secure placement. KRAITEC® step provides an optimum terrace pavement over level, paved subsurfaces.
The available palette of colours permits personalized design and diverse solutions providing attractive, eye-pleasing surfaces.
KRAITEC® step Balcony Pavements
When installed on small areas such as balconies, KRAITEC® step can be installed in a checkerboard-style configuration if desired. Here as well, the selection of colours permits eye-pleasing design combinations. Along with the cushioning effect inherent to elastic surfacing, KRAITEC® step offers additional benefits: it can be installed quickly even in tight spaces, is easy to trim to required sizes and can be walked on immediately after installation.
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