KRAITEC® top is the versatile and effective protection mat for classical applications on flat roofs and building structures. Leading waterproofing manufacturers and installers worldwide work witthis field-proven product. Its outstanding technical properties, high compressive strength and remarkable application versatility make it the preferred protection mat for all classical flat roof systems. KRAITEC® top is easy to install, highly cost-eff ective, durable, extremely rugged and can be walked on immediately after installation. Whether used as temporary protection for work over easily damaged membranes or as a permanent component in flat roof systems, this classic product is at home over waterproofing systems worldwide. Due to these and other benefits, KRAITEC® top is the largest-selling structural protection mat in the KRAIBURG RELASTEC portfolio.
Technical Data
Material: Technical-grade recycled rubber granulate, polyurethane-bonded
Colour: black with multicoloured speckles
Surface: grain-textured
Density: approx. 900 kg/m³

Mats: 1,000 x 2,000 mm und 1,150 x 2,300 mm
Roll-form: width 1,250 mm
(Roll-form length depend on material thickness)

Length and width: ± 1.5 %
Thickness: 6, 8, 10 ± 0.6 mm · 12, 15, 18, 20 ± 1 mm
Additional thicknesses and sizes available on request.

Technical Data:

Tensile strength: approx. 0.3 N/mm² (DIN 53571)
Elongation at break: approx. 40 % (DIN 53571)
Puncture resistance: SIA 280 tested
Deformation under traffic load: 10 % at approx. 40 t/m² 
20 % at approx. 90 t/m² (test method based on DIN EN ISO 3386-2)
Coefficient of thermal expansion:
approx. 10 x 10-5 / °C (test method based on DIN EN 13471)
Fire resistance:

B2 (DIN 4102 Part1)

Thermal resistance: stable from -30° C to +80° C
Chemical resistance: conditionally resistant to acids and bases
Environmental resistance: Environment-friendly, rot-resistant, must be
protected from constant exposure to UV radiation

KRAITEC® top - on Flat Roofs
KRAITEC® top is the optimum protection mat for flat roofs upporting foot traffic or heavy objects. It is often used under gravel-topped roofs to prevent damage to the waterproofing by sharp or abrasive aggregates or by subsequent maintenance work.

KRAITEC® top - on Landscaped Roofs
KRAITEC® top is used as a highly rugged and durable separator layer on landscaped roofs supporting foot traffic and auxiliary structures (e.g. over parking garages or green roofs). It protects the waterproofing system below against damage due to compressive loading.
KRAITEC® top - on Roof Terraces
KRAITEC® top plays an important part in construction of above-roof systems such as roof terraces. Installed directly below the terrace surfacing (e.g. concrete slabs or wood planking), it protects the waterproofing and roof below against puncture and other damage under high loads. In addition it serves as an equalizing and sound insulating layer.

KRAITEC® top - in Parking Garages
KRAITEC® top enhances design safety when used as a component in waterproofed surfaces in urban parking facilities.
Installed under the pavement, the protective mats increase the permissible load rating for vehicle traffic and improve the overall safety of the structural system.

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